its all about mig33 and the team brunei speed
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 Forum Rules

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PostSubject: Forum Rules   Sun Jan 18, 2009 11:09 pm

Forum Ini tidak bertanggung jawab jika terjadi kerusakan yang di sebabkan oleh download content yang di sediakan oleh link yang ada di forum ini.

Aturan yang berlaku di forum ini :

* Tidak di perbolehkan menulis tentang sesuatu yg berbau rasis, agama.

* Letakkan posting pada topic yang sesuai.

* Tidak di perkenankan memberikan / menambahkan hal-hal yang berbau Pornografi ( gambaran, teks, video, link, dll.) jika terjadi pelanggaran maka user tersebut akan menerima hukuman (banned).

* Tambahkan screenshot untuk memperjelas posting yang kurang jelas.

* Tidak di perkenankan bersumpah, menghina, merendahkan user lain. Moderator akan memberikan suatu Peringatan segera.

* Tidak di perkenankan memasang Iklan Websites, Blogs, Perdagangan barang-barang.

* Legkapi data seperti : Avatar, Signature, Data pribadi.

* Gunakan signature sewajarnya.

* Debat religius Atau politis tidaklah diijinkan.

* Gunakan icon(smiley) sewajarnya.

* Dilarang memberikan link yang memuat ilegal content (software, mp3, video bajakan).

Staff mig33bruneispeed community berhak menghapus, mengedit, memindahkan, memberikan quota pada posting tanpa pemberitahuan / peringatan.

I value my friends for all their effort in building this team...
These guidelines if followed can help you get more from the forum and make it a more pleasurable experience for everyone.


1. Be polite.

2. Try to make understanding as easy as possible. We're an international forum with users from all over the world and not all of us are fluent in English. Write in as proper English as you are capable of. Honest mistakes are fine, we all make them.


* Write in English.
* Add whitespace to your posts. Use enter for paragraphs.
* Capitalize Correctly. All uppercase is considered screaming and very rude. All lower is hard to read.
* Use correct punctuation. Never use more than one question mark or exclamation mark and only at the end of a sentence.
* Never use "leet-speak" or slang. The purpose of language is beeing understood, not sounding cool.
* Never invent acronyms, use as few acronyms as possible. It's called a problem, not a "pb" and a question, not a "Q".
* Read your post over before posting it. Try to catch typos.

3. Report bad posts. If you discover an abusive post or someone posting a thread in the wrong section.

4. Go easy on the images, they may help to explain something more clearly or indicate a problem you are experiencing better but you have to remember that not everyone has the same amount of bandwidth to waste on downloading large image files. If you feel you have to post images, make sure that they're properly compressed and no more than 100KB at the absolute most.

5. Images are not welcome in signatures, as they can significantly increase the load time for users. Your avatar is a space for an image, your signature is not.

When Asking Questions

1. Use search option before posting.

2. Don't talk yourself down. Don't call yourself an idiot, we have all been newbies at some point. Don't add things like this to your posts:
I know I'm an idiot but I just can't figure this out..

No question is too stupid.

3. Don't mark your question as important or critical. All questions asked are equally important.

4. Come back to the forum even after your question has been answered and give your thanks to the people who helped you. Try to generate that good, warm, fuzzy feeling amongst your peers.

When Answering Questions

1. Don't be cruel. We have all been newbies at one point and no one needs someone telling them how stupid they are.

2. Don't use jargon in your instructions if it can be avoided, newbies may not understand. If you don't have any better answer than RTFM (Read the fine manual), just be quiet.

3. Always assume that the user is a newbie unless you're certain the user is not. Give detailed instructions.

4. Explain each step of the solution. The ideal solution to a problem should be able to teach the user how to solve similar problems in the future. Teach people to fish, don't just throw them a salmon.
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Forum Rules
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